Guitars of excellent balance, clarity, sustain, separation, volume and projection in concert halls.

Traditional Design, Optimized Sound

My guitars are designed with the outline of a Herman Hauser guitar with a slightly more rounded bottom. My Bracing patterns are a copy of Daniel Friederich. Daniel Friederich guitars are played by some of the best players in the world, his guitars are highly coveted and very valuable. I find his bracing pattern produces a quality of sound that gives a better separation between brightly singing trebles and a depth of base. I find the sustain and overtones to be much better as well, and who can dispute his success he is considered to be the best living builder of this era.

My concert guitars come standard with V Neck joint and spanish heel construction a trademark of all finely handcrafted classical guitars. Unique to my design I use an extended table underneath the soundboard of which produces a stronger neck attachment also prevents cracking along the fretboard and enhanced sound qualities above the twelfth fret without changing the look of a traditional classical guitar.

My linings are a three ply hardwood for the top attachment of which is known to produce a better sustain and a two ply mahogany lining for the back. I also employ strategic patching at the sound hole and above as well.

I prefer to individually handcraft my rosettes which allows the self expression of the artisan and this insures individuality of each guitar. I am not the first to do this but I do enjoy this process and I have received many compliments on the look of my guitars.

Typically I prefer my binding and purflings to be in complement with the colours of my rosettes and headstock veneers. And for the finish, I typically use French polish of shellac, noted for its sound qualities and beauty.

My guitars have received compliments on the sound from two world-class artists, namely Manuel Barrueco “this guitar has a large wonderful sound!” and Mark Teicholtz who has complimented me twice on the guitars which I have produced, most recently at Guitar Fest West Calgary saying “I would like to compliment you on the sound of this instrument and it appears it’s a favourite among the crowd as well!”

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Lagrima by Tarrega

Cheryl's Theme Guitar by Michel Forestier. Composed/recorded by Colin Lay

Dyens: Tango En Skaï by Eric Meier

Turina: Guitar Sonata, Op. 61 - 3. Allegro Vivo by Eric Meier

Sonata 208K in A Major by Eric Meier

Weiss: Suite XIV - Angloise by Eric Meier