My guitars incorporate a twin overlap fan brace design which is based on Antonio Torres principles established so very long ago. This design consistently produces guitars of excellent balance, clarity, sustain, separation, volume and projection in concert halls. The twin overlap fan brace design coupled with Robert Bouchet principles allows us to keep the qualities of Torres-like sound which has set the standard of the classical guitar world.

My concert guitars come standard with a ‘V’ neck joint and Spanish heel which is in keeping tradition of all fine handcrafted guitars. Unique to my design, I also incorporate an extended table which has produced very favorable qualities that match or equal elevated neck designs in enhancing sound qualities above the 12th fret and in keeping without changing the look of traditional classical guitars.

My preference is 3 ply linings of solid ash on the top and solid 2 ply linings of Honduras Mahogany on the bottom. My guitars come with strategic patching at the sound hole and above the sound hole to prevent cracking typically along the fretboard and in the upper bout.

I prefer to individually handcraft each rosette which allows self expression of the artisan and this ensures individuality of each instrument, which was so typical of Torres.

Typically I prefer my bindings and purflings to be elegant in appearance and in compliment with the colors of my rosettes. For the finish, not only for sound but for sheer depth and beauty, there is nothing that surpasses French Polish of shellac.