“Climbing is the only cure for gravity. I have been studying guitar for about 13 years now, and recently I noticed that my guitar wasn’t allowing me to express the music that I was playing. I asked my guitar teacher how I should go about purchasing a new guitar, and he mentioned the name of a former student of his, Len Letourneau. Even though Len hadn’t made many guitars, I was still eager to get my hands on one, and try it out for myself.

From the time I first opened the case, I could tell that the guitar was beautifully crafted. The sounds that were produced were equally elegant and special. Each note blended seamlessly, and all the strings were equal in volume, none overpowering the others.The largest difference I found from my previous guitar was that of range. This guitar allowed me to play as loud as I wanted without distorting the sound. However, when playing quietly, the sound still carried and projected.  Another big difference, was how “easy” the guitar was to play. Chords that I had found difficult and awkward before, now flowed easily.

I was extremely impressed by the precision and care that was put into this instrument. Even after a brief conversation with Len, I could tell that he had a passion for crafting guitars. This translated directly into the gorgeous look and sound of the guitar. Each one unique and intricate in their own respect. I was very happy with the craftsmanship and the knowledge that Len had about guitar making.

Thank you for this wonderful instrument!”

Patrick Bennett
Patrick secured a second place finish at the Canadian National Guitar competition

“This is one of the best guitars I have heard in this concert hall.”

Michel Forestier
Classical guitar instructor at Grant MacEwan
Featured guitarist on the Cheryl’s Theme sound clip to the right

“There is no question Leonard Letourneau makes beautiful concert guitars. It is obvious from appearance alone that he cares deeply for crafting a beautiful instrument.
His guitars look extremely polished, and could stand on appearance alone as a work of art.

The playability of the instrument is also fantastic. The chords do not break easily and the guitar can be played with a lot of power.

The sound surpasses even the guitar’s looks. Different colours are created easily in the right hand and the instrument projects with a tone that fills rooms.”

Eric Meier
Freshman at Peabody and recent winner of Alberta Provincial National Guitar Class