For the Discriminating Craftsman or Tool Collector

These tools were designed by Geza Burghardt of which I have had the pleasure of meeting ten years ago. Upon our first meeting Geza learned of my machining abilities and asked me to produce a specific tool for a specific task. Upon receiving the tool Geza quickly ascertained with his eye for detail and quality my skills in machining. I have been producing these tools in limited quantities for his students since that day. These high quality, precision tools are designed for the craftsman that prefers using hand tools and can appreciate the quality of a solid tool hand made. Each of these tools are well designed for its task and crafted from the finest materials. There has been no short cuts fabricating these tools and the quality of each speaks for itself.

Rosette/Circle Cutter – This is a heavy well-tooled solid brass rosette ring and circle cutter. With precise adjusting and locking features and small cutting blade, this is the Rolls-Royce of circle cutters with absolutely zero tear out and infinite control.

Scraper/Plane – Designed for the very special task of thinning wood veneers to specific thicknesses, this solid machine will work accurately for a life time. The smaller of the two major pieces hold a large plan blade on edge and adjusts in and out accurately in very small increments. The thin wood piece being thicknessed is pulled through the space between the plane blade and the smooth face of the large block. The wood is thinned very accurately by multiple passes at finer adjustments.

Center Line Soundboard Drill Locator – Machined out of solid brass with a hardened steel insert, this device precisely locates the drill bit directly in the center of the sound board which all to often ends off center due to the glue being harder then the wood, which causes the drill bit to walk off of center.

Adjustable Straight Edge – This tool was initially designed for the simple job of extending the center line drawn on the fingerboard down onto the peg head surface to establish the center of the neck from the top of the head to the body. The two ends of this tool are held in an angle for this purpose, and others,with the strong positive thumb screw. With some imagination, many other uses can be found for this versatile, adjustable steel straight edge.

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